Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coaching Institutes and their relevance

This is what I've attended:

(a) two years with my uncle Dr. Brijpal Singh for gs/essay/interview (2nd and 3rd attempt)
(b) DIAS for physics and interview (during 4th attempt)
(c) Sriram's for gs/interview (during 4th attempt)
(d) Mock interviews at Samkalp (3rd and 4th attempts)

I only read Civil Services Chronicle magazine. If any other institute/magazine makes claim, please inform me which one and where did it advertise. I'm in a position from where i can follow it up and take them to task.

Coaching institutes are just a guide to preparation. Please don't depend on them solely. Lots of individual effort is required in understanding needs of this paper and finding one's strengths in it. My preparation is much deeper than what coaching institutes taught me. One size fits all approach won't work. Plan and practice for each and every topic given in the syllabus.


Sagar Saha said...

Thank you sir for your valuable comments,

As i am solely depending upon postal guidance(Brilliant tutorials). i have to pre for every topic myself and it had helped me in understanding the topics in deeper level.

The number of assignments and problems that are given in the postal books seems to be standard and sufficent.

Sir, i would like to know inspite of this does joining a coaching institute becomes a mandate?

And is it a must to refer standard text books(electrical and geography)?


sudhanshu said...

Hello Sir
You have joined full term coaching at SRIRAM or Mains- special(5 week after pre result).
As I am doing job so iam intended to do join 5 week classes. What is your suggestion about that.
What are the basic prepration one should have before joinning this coaching

Kinu said...

Hello Sir,

Thank you very much for sharing your views and guidance. I like to take Pub Ad and Economics for CSE 2010. I'm interested in making career in IFS.
Kindly suggest me where i can take coaching for the above subs in Delhi.

Thanks Again,

Supreet Singh Gulati said...


Sagar: It's a must to refer to standard textbooks. They are MUST to understand the subject. Please don't rely solely on postal coaching. I got Brilliants in 2004 and was quite disappointed with them. If you like them, you may go ahead with them but do solve all the previous years papers (10 years)yourself to see if you are on right track.

Sudhanshu: I joined full Mains course but coaching is a small part of preparation. I wouldn't suggest a 5 weeks course that compresses everything. GS requires much detailed preparation. Instead, if you can take coaching for 5 weeks, join a good coaching institute for Current Affairs and rely on your own preparation for other topics (but please no 2 weeks courses on Current Affairs, get some detail inputs on them). This will help since you are in a job and probably won't find time to be thorough with open ended current Affairs portion.

Kinu: For Pub Ad, please ask this years topper. She has her own blog

I don't know anybody who has taken coaching in Economics. But if you want I can put you in touch with Ashima Jain. She had Economics as an optional.

Supreet Singh

Sagar Saha said...

Thank u sir for guiding us...

Kinu said...

Thank you very much sir. It would be really very helpful for me if you can intro me to Ms. Ashima for Economics. I will be completing MBA by the End of Jun 09 and planning to move to Delhi and start my coaching.

Thanks Again,

vineet said...

Dear Sir,

I am an IIT Kharagpur graduate working in Singapore. I have started my preparation for CSE a few months earlier. I shall leave my job and come to Delhi shortly.
I shall be appearing in CSE 2010.

My optional subjects are Physics and Chemistry.I have great interest
in these subjects and can't think of any other subject as an option.
Despite the prevailing idea of inconsistencies in the marks of science subjects, I have decide to persist with physics and chemistry.

I have also decided to join DIAS for physics and chemistry both.

I hope I have made the right decisions.I would be greatful to recieve some guidance from you.

Thanks and Regards,

Supreet Singh Gulati said...

Hi Vineet, coaching at DIAS is good. But please don't join two subject coachings siumultaneously especially if you haven't studied them on your own till now. Coaching will go waste if you can't substantiate it a lot with your own reading and practice. You'll need time to understand these optionals and one coaching along with GS will keep you more than busy.

Regarding two science optionals - I don't recommend them, but since you have already made up your decision, I can't help much with it. Maybe you'll change your mind once in Delhi!

Divya said...
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vineet said...

I perfectly understood your advice. I have joined DIAS only for physics now.

Also, as per your advice I am planning to go for Public Administration as my second optional.

Thanks a ton for your time.

Vineet said...

hi sir ,
Kindly suggest shud I go 4 coaching in the beginning or shud I learn whole syllabus myself b4 proceed for coaching . I'm a govt. employee, so shud I take postal coaching /notes b4 actual coaching , if yes ...plz suggest some quality notes for GS ..........Thnx 4 ur valuable guidance ..
Best always ,

avinash said...

hello sir

i am planing to join Sriram's coaching for GS(6 months course).. i want to know if the coaching there is worth joining.As you joined it recently ,you are the best person to testify about the credibility of that coaching center.


Sashi said...

I am from Chennai.First i want to congratulate u for this achievement.Am gonna join for GS,Psycho at vajiram.Other than gs notes of vajiram wt all institute materials will be good for GS in both prelims,mains.Which GS notes have u used sir.Pls guide me.

ankur chaudhary said...

Hi Supreet,

I just completed my B.Tech from IIT Delhi in Engineering Physics. I am planning to take Physics and Political Science as my two optionals, the problem is that I don't want to take coaching classes for the optionals, I have done almost 70% of the Physics course during my graduation and hence don't feel a need for any coaching... Am I being too presumptuous?? or crack CSE without coaching too?



DON said...

your blog is of immense help to me so far.I' ve few queries - Can we get previous yrs unsolved/solved pre papers arranged wrt questions from each topics of GS say total fm indian polity =10 (1-10), modern india 12(11-22) etc, becoause it is tedious to select,see questions for a single topic fm out of 150 qts for every prev yrs.I've unsolved paper in form of 1-150 qnts (seems as they appeared in exam)and answer at least

DON said...

I was not aware of this means of communication (blogging)and guidance
so was very tensed at prima facie when i thought of preparing for cse.your(esp. and most) and few other toppers blog appeared to be boon for aspirant.I went thro most and still going thr ur replies under several blogs.I hav few queries to my relevance(may b 4 others):-
Can i get any contact(blog,mail id etc) of u and ur batchmates or toppers with chemistry as optional for guidance.Reply soon.
Best Regards,

Satyadeep roat said...

hello sir ,
I was preparing for civil services exam . But I am confused with the optional . I am presently pursuing chemical engineering from IITD . I am thinking of taking physics / geology / Mathematics / Chemistry as optional . But I don't have any idea abut coaching institute for this subject ... Can you please give auidance for caoaching for thes subjects in delhi

rehya sharma said...

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